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March 8, 2008

Spring can’t come soon enough…

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I’ve been urged by my soul brother John Anderson to keep up the blog, so, one more post today. I’m turning my thoughts to Spring, as we all are after this rigorous New England winter.

I speak frequently with my mother, who lives in central Vermont (scene of the crimes, as it were) and they’ve had more than 100 feet of snow this winter; broken every record since anyone began to keep them. Last time I was there, the plowman had driven the snow up into 12-foot banks along the icy drive.

They keep the car in a garage, but it’s still a lot to ask of a person in her seventies to navigate the back steps to the car and try to back out of that snow pass.

So, I’m thinking Spring. I can hear the birds this morning, joyous as usual. Just little sparrows that light upon the wires crisscrossing the alley, but they sound a call for change. They’re here all winter, little dears. I’m constantly surprised by them, especially after a heavy snow or bitter cold snap. How do they survive? Makes me want to research sparrows.

What most surprised me when I moved to Boston in the mid-80’s was how different here the climate from the one I knew up north: I could ride my bike in February! Geese, ducks, sparrows, and probably others, didn’t migrate!

I come now to the close of my own Spring Break, having done little of the paid labor, but laboring in other ways, and listening to the birds outside the window, hopeful as I see the hardy crocus shoots emerge from the little plot next to the front stoop. Warm weather to follow.

Here’s something from grandpappy Virgil to keep us all going.

— SR


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  1. Right on, right on!
    Am looking through my copious back-catalogue for “Spring” poems. That’s a rather upbeat subject for me, though–you should see what I’ve got filed under “Morose”!

    Comment by John Anderson-Douthit — March 11, 2008 @ 2:05 pm | Reply

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