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March 8, 2008

Smooth Move

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It couldn’t have gone better, frankly, and we are amazed.

We held our series reading in new quarters last night, and with resounding success. I told the assembled that it felt a little like moving into the Four Seasons after having lived at Motel Six.

Gail Mazur was absolutely remarkable, and “lovely” Liam Powell, a Boston College senior and prodigy, opened. We had about 75 people in attendance and poems flowed deliciously all night. Gail read two baseball poems, Margo read another in the open mic. It feels perfectly timed. I also loved a poem of Gail’s which adapted a title from (I think it was) Borges: History of My Stupidity. Hers was History of My Timidity. Lovely, lovely. Other possibilities we came up with at dinner: History of My Cupidity (me); History of My Humidity (Katie Moulton).

The Turkish food at The Family Restaurant in Brookline Village was also sublime. Vicki Murray came after her own reading in town (yey!); and here’s a plug for her wonderful poetry series, Poetribe. She took pictures:johnandkathrine.jpgJim Henle, Aimee Sands, Michael MackKatie Moulton, Sue, Liam Powellprabakarandstephanieandann.jpg

We’re off to a great start in the new space. Berred Ouellette read one of his wife Dianne’s poems; Dianne started the series seven years ago. I think, and hope, she would be proud of what we’ve achieved. She remains the guiding spirit for what we do.

Next month: Kevin Bowen and Sue Standing. Hope everyone can come!

— SR


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